As a communications and voice talent professional for the past 25 years, I have helped numerous small businesses tell their stories to the world. Most companies understand the importance of developing and presenting a consistent and positive image. But there is one area they tend to overlook; and that’s the importance of engaging a professional voice talent for their phone system. More and more businesses are using auto attendants, voicemail and voice prompts to direct customers through their company phone system. Large corporations and IVR developers realize the phone recordings play a large role in impressing customers and bolstering their image.

The following are a few tips I like to share with my clients when it comes to presenting a professional impression from that very first phone call.

  • Your company’s image is on the line as soon as your phone rings. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t matter who records your phone greetings. The voice on your phone system represents your company. It’s often the first impression your customer will have of your business.
  • A properly recorded phone greeting can make a positive impression on your callers and could make the difference between getting a sale or not. Callers are more apt to place confidence in a company or phone interaction when the phone presence is confident, clear and professional.
  • Your small business can sound larger. As a growing business you want your customers to have confidence in your abilities. Professionally recorded greetings will give your customers the confidence to do business with you.
  • Engage a professional voice talent. Ensure your voice mail system is recorded professionally in a studio, with no distracting noises such as the hustle and bustle of a busy office, or the regional accent of an employee doing the recording.
  • Remember, your customers are listening. Your voice mail system is often the first impression potential customers have of you and your business – make it a positive one for the world to hear!

    Casey Conerly